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A summer programme for students in Grade 10 to Grade 12 on marine ecosystems

The Endeavours Summer School is an opportunity for young students to engage with environmental  professionals and their practice to help navigate their academic and career paths.


The Marine Summer Programme is a fully residential programme in the Andaman Islands designed in collaboration with Dakshin Foundation, an conservation NGO that works towards environmental sustainability and community wellbeing, with the aim to bridge this gap.

The programme aims to offer a glimpse of what goes on behind-the-scenes in a marine research and conservation organisation and enable students to broaden their understanding of the basics of marine conservation through live interactive sessions, research assignments and creative hands-on projects.

  • Mentorship under eminent researchers and practitioners in conservation

  • Knowledge-exchange & project assignments with host organisation

  • Peer-to-peer learning with fellow participants

  • Introduction to natural & social sciences in the context of environment conservation

  • Recommendation letter from programme mentor

The programme offers a brief experience of a wide-ranging set of professional skills and practices. It offers an opportunity to interact directly with professionals in the field of marine conservation to get insights into ecological monitoring, environmental education and outreach. Participants will also engage with holistic community support interventions and contributions to policy-making that help protect both the environment as well as the interests of some of the most marginalised communities in the country.


The programme comprises live interactions, group activities, reading assignments and projects that will be outlined and shared with students in a pre-scheduled manner.

The programme design has been co-developed with the host organisation to enable participants to develop three core areas of knowledge and skills:

Content Knowledge

Natural ecosystems and biodiversity, understanding inter-dependencies within and between marine ecosystems, philosophies of conservation and conservation practices, sampling methods, systems thinking, human environment relationships, communities and natural resources.

Research-skill Development

Reading and writing strategies, media-literacy and critical literacy, developing questions and identifying appropriate research methods.

Professional Development

Iterative work-flow, time-management, effective communication, collaboration, convergent and divergent thinking, strategies for decision-making, personal goal-setting and reflection.​

age group
programme dates
Summer 2023
Exact dates to be announced.
Programme Cost
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